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Interesting Things.....

     Newly in stock and always popular is the stone "Staddle Stone" mushroom pictured above.

As well as being attractive garden features these 2 piece arrangements of local stone were made with a purpose. Used to support the frame of a granary, barn or hayrick Staddle Stones helped present an obstacle to rats and other vermin making it dificult for them to climb in and cause damage.

  Probably originating as wooden posts, longer lasting, rot proof stone and even cast iron came into use. Now they make quite a sight as ornaments alongside a driveway or seats in a garden and are produced as modern castings in cement and reconstituted stone. The colour, style and size vary depending on where in the UK or western Europe they were made but often they are a softer local stone. Here, amongst many others we have come across red sandstone staddles made from ayrshire stone, like much of the West end of Glasgow.

    Never in stock for very long they are always nice to appreciate for a while...

Please get in touch if this item is of interest.

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